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News & Announcements

  • Chozen_red

    Children’s Christmas Program

    The plan for 2014 is to present “Chozen”, a Christmas play created by Pastor Keck using the music from the popular movie “Frozen”. It will require a good number of children and youth to present this successfully. There are solos, duets, and chorus songs. Mary is told by the angel

  • Facebook.Zombies

    Lifetree Cafe the week of Oct 27

    The fascination with zombies will be explored at Lifetree Café. The program, titled “Zombies! What’s the Fascination?” features a filmed interview with Stephen Graham Jones, author of The Gospel of Z and Zombie Bake-Off. “Just about every culture has a tradition of the dead rising,” says Jones. “And zombies aren’t

  • Facebook.Living a Lie

    Lifetree Cafe the week of Oct. 20

    The high cost of living with a lie will be discussed at Lifetree Café. The program, titled “Living a Lie: The Perils of a Double Life,” features the filmed story of Carol Grever, a woman who discovered after 30 years that her husband had been living a double life. “Living

  • wpid-0322_The_Power_of_Parable_John_Dominic_Crossan_cover

    New Online Study Group

    We have created a Google Community Group that will enable us to talk about the sermon or a current study. Join the community group and be a part of our weekly discussions. Follow this link to view the community.